Preparing Student Devices for Summer

With summer around the corner, the Cedar Rapids Community School District IT team has a few housekeeping items for student devices.

As explained in the student device acknowledgement, students are borrowing a Chromebook that they are responsible for over several years. Students must take care of the device appropriately, and only students and parents/guardians are allowed to use the device.

Students who are completing fifth through 11th grade will take their Chromebooks home this summer, with the expectation that they will bring them back on the first day of next school year.

Students who are ending this school year as a remote, CRVA, or home school student will receive specific emailed instructions from their building:

  • Remote kindergarten through fourth grade students will return devices, chargers, hotspots, and books to their building
  • Remote fifth through 11th grade students will keep their devices and chargers, but return hotspots and books to their building

Scholar Camp and Kids on Course University students have additional student device instructions:

  • Kindergarten through fourth grade Kids on Course University students will have their device transferred to their Kids on Course University building by CRCSD to be used during the summer
  • Fifth through eighth grade Scholar Camp students will bring their devices home at the end of the school year and are expected to bring the device with them to Scholar Camp in the summer.

If you are moving this summer and will not be attending CRCSD this fall, you must return your device and charger. Contact the CRCSD building you would have been attending this fall to return your device.

Learn more important information about caring for your student device here, and in the video.

Families can find helpful summer learning resources here.


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