PAEC - Math

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives Logo
The National Library of Virtual Manipulatives is a library of uniquely interactive, web-based virtual manipulatives or concept tutorials.
Sheppard Software Logo
Sheppard Software provides colorful, animated games and materials to enhance the teaching of academic content and skills.

Mathematics Blackline Masters Link
Mathematics Blackline Masters Grade P to 9 provides printable blackline masters used for various math topics and learning of skills.

Xtra Math Logo
XtraMath provides effective, efficient, adaptive, and intrinsically rewarding supplemental math activities.
Common Core Sheets Logo
Common Core Sheets contains hundreds of math worksheets with varying math topics. From as simple as addition to as difficult as statistics, this site has multiple worksheets under each topic with varying difficulty 
levels that are bound to provide the perfect amount of practice your student needs. While the materials are directed towards K-6th grade, there are great resources for skill reinforcement.
Math-Aids Logo
Math-Aids allows you to differentiate your child's math practice worksheets difficulty by selecting various settings before clicking 'create it' to create a worksheet that best fits the mathematics/academic needs of your student. The resources provided are for K-12th grade and are sorted by topic.
Dads Worksheets Logo
Dads Worksheets provides printable flashcards and math worksheets. After a few modifications, you are able to pick from multiple versions and then print straight from the webpage.
Math-Drills Logo
Math-Drills provides worksheets in the following areas: addition, subtractions, multiplication, long multiplication, division, mixed operations, algebra, base ten, percents and decimals, number lines, money, time, statistics, measurement, powers of ten, integers, place value, percent, pattern, geometry, order of operations, operations with fractions, fact families, understanding fractions, and number sense. In addition, there is downloadable graph paper with varying sized boxes. Once you make your selection, you can download your page as a pdf.
Math Worksheets 4 Kids Logo
Math Worksheets 4 Kids has various printable resources for many areas of math. The resources are organized by
areas of math and can also be organized by grade level.
Math TV Logo
Math TV opens up opportunities for at home student learning. You can choose the content you are working with through the wide range of chapters. Each chapter contains multiple videos of people solving math problems using various strategies.
NCTM Illuminations Logo
NCTM Illuminations allows you to select either the NCTM standards or the Common Core Math Standards in addition to lessons or interactives. The interactive allow for practice in multiple math areas and are accessible through your web browser.
Mathwire Logo
Mathwire has multiple songs/tunes/music that will help any student to better understand and remember multiple math operations.