Preschool Return to Learn Plan

The first day of preschool will be Monday, September 28, 2020. 

In-Person Preschool

All preschool students who are returning to in-person instruction will be assigned a homeroom teacher for the year. The student-to-teacher ratio for morning and afternoon sessions will be 20-to-3, and paraprofessionals will help maintain health and safety guidelines. Teachers will use the CRCSD curriculum and Early Learning Standards.

Arrival and dismissal time will be designated. Attendance will be taken daily.

View a sample in-person preschool schedule here.


Providing meals to our students is a very fluid situation this year. Preschool locations with breakfast and lunch will eat in the cafeteria, depending on the building and administrator. Preschool locations with snack will be eaten in the classroom. Sanitary and safety precautions will take place.

In-Person Preschool Health and Safety Guidelines

Students and staff must follow recommended health and safety guidelines. Masks and/or face shields are required for staff and students at all times with appropriate accommodations made as needed. Arrival and dismissal time will be designed for minimal contact.

Students will continue to share materials with classmates. Materials and supplies will be sanitized between morning and afternoon sessions.

For sign-in, parents are not allowed to bring students into the building/classroom. Student drop-off is at a designated door, where teachers and paraprofessionals will sign students in. Parents are required to wear a mask when picking up and dropping off students.

Virtual Preschool

All preschool students who participate virtually will attend CRCSD Remote Learning, a single elementary school taught by a preschool teacher not able to return. CRCSD Remote Learning will include all preschool teachers and students who select the virtual option.

Preschool teacher teams will work as Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) to create a uniform online course for preschool using Early Learning Standards and CRCSD curriculum. The online format for required remote learning is significantly more structured than Spring 2020’s continuous learning model, and will include scheduled remote learning, asynchronous instruction, and paper packets. Attendance is required.

View a sample online preschool schedule here.

CRCSD Remote Learning Commitments and Responsibilities


  1. Attend all direct instruction sections via Google Meet (unless a designated excused absence)
  2. Complete all independent practice activities and assignments
  3. Come to class prepared, organized, and ready to learn
  4. Adhere to CRCSD’s acceptable use policy and behavior expectations
  5. Complete monthly advising session with the teacher


  1. Provide age-appropriate supervision during independent practice time that is not directly supervised by a teacher
  2. Enable the student to attend all direct instruction sections via Google Meet and follow the district schedule for virtual learning
  3. Monitor the student’s progress on independent practice and assignments, including district recommended online programs 
  4. Engage in two-way communication regularly with the students’ teacher and in monthly check-ins with student’s classroom teacher
  5. Support student with creating an organized learning space to complete academic activities that align to CRCSD's video conferencing guidelines
  6. Adhere to CRCSD’s acceptable use, attendance and behavior policies


  1. Design and deliver effective online instruction that is engaging and incorporates frequent assessment and feedback
  2. Deliver CRCSD's guaranteed and viable curriculum adhering to district virtual learning schedule
  3. Engage in two-way communication regularly with the student and their parent(s)/guardian(s) and facilitate structured family check-ins with student and parent/guardian at least once a month
  4. Monitor the student’s overall academic progress 
  5. Willingness to teach a grade level/content that is not aligned to your in person assignment but is still aligned to your certification
  6. Adhere to CRCSD’s acceptable use policy and board policies
  7. Fulfill employee “Work from Home Agreement” and contractual duties