What Do Children Do?


I Can...

Literacy Foundation Skills

  • Identify and say rhyming words.
  • Say the letter sounds.
  • Write letters for sounds in words.
  • Show how a book works.
  • Point to words as I read.
  • Retell parts of a story.
  • Use new words and phrases I have learned.
  • Use writing in a variety of ways.


  • name 10 colors (red, yellow, blue, green, orange, purple, black, white, brown, pink).
  • name 4 shapes (circle, square, triangle, rectangle).
  • name numbers 0-20.
  • count to 50.
  • count 15 objects.
  • make a pattern.
  • sort objects 2 ways.

Physical Development

  • cut curves, corners, and shapes.
  • draw a self-portrait.
  • write my first name.

Student Behavioral Expectations

  • strive for high quality products and outcomes. (Personal Best)
  • listen attentively and speak appropriately. (Active Listening)
  • show tolerance and regard for people, property, and ideas. (Respect)
  • follow directions and procedures, and be dependable. (Responsibility)
  • be truthful, reliable, and choose to do the right thing. (Trustworthiness)