Who is Eligible?

The 2019-2020 Alternative Kindergarten program will be a full day program that gives a child the opportunity to grow another year before Kindergarten. 

 Children must be five by September 15th and a screener will be given to determine eligibility.

A year of AK is followed by a year of kindergarten. A student attending AK would be considered as being retained in Kindergarten.

  • Does my child like to play with other children?
  • Does my child initiate conversations with others?
  • Is my child willing to share materials?
  • Is my child afraid of new situations and environments?
  • Can my child easily accept “no” for an answer?
  • Can my child keep his or her hands to self?
  • Does my child show an interest in learning letters and numbers?
  • Can my child sit attentively when being read to?
  • Does my child show good self control?
  • Does my child have preschool experience?

If you answered “No” to some of the questions, you may want to to get information on Alternative Kindergarten.