Spectator Guidelines

January 8, 2021 12:45 PM
A swimmer in the pool at a high school.

Governor Kim Reynolds signed a proclamation on Thursday, January 7, 2021, stating the lifted restrictions on sports and other recreational gatherings. 

Please note CRCSD’s stance regarding the newly-stated guidelines. The following will be implemented at Jefferson, Kennedy and Washington high schools:

  • Beginning Tuesday, January 12, all household members (people living at the same residence) of each participant (player, wrestler, cheerleader, coach, etc.) will be allowed entry for our home basketball and wrestling teams within our main gyms.
  • Two spectators per participant for the visiting teams will be allowed.
  • Based on the size, some of our facilities may require us to have further restrictions (basketball in smaller gyms, swimming, bowling). These parameters will be communicated directly to those families involved.
  • Masks are still required.

Our goal has always been to keep our students, staff and families safe throughout the season. We base our decisions on Linn County Public Health data and district data and guidelines. We will evaluate the situation for two weeks and if this process goes well, and we have families following our guidelines consistently, we may look at expanding the number of spectators even further.

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