Summer Updates


Hello, Families,

As Governor Kim Reynolds continues to modify existing restrictions and communicate new guidelines, we continue to do our best to respond to the modifications with timeliness and accuracy. Please note that when modifications are announced live from the Governor’s Office to the public, we have no prior notification of the content. We learn in real-time alongside all of you. We appreciate your patience while we work to respond to changing guidance and proclamations. 

For context, here is a summary of this week’s information from the Governor on the continued closure and reopening of some school programs and facilities. 

Reopening Guidance: Summer Sports


  • Practice for baseball and softball can begin June 1
  • Games for baseball and softball can begin June 15
  • All other team organized sports and activities are still suspended until July 1
  • Further guidance will be issued by the Iowa High School Athletic Association (IHSAA) and the Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union (IGHSAU)

Points of Clarification:

  • This is only for high school baseball and softball. All junior high sports are still suspended. 
  • ​All other in-person organized activities are still suspended. Examples include:
    • weight conditioning for all sports
    • drama productions
    • band practice
  • Transportation guidance is forthcoming
  • This is voluntary. No schools are required to begin baseball and softball if they feel they are unable to do so.

Reopening Guidance: Summer Learning and Activities


  • Proclamation permits schools to offer summer learning opportunities starting June 1
  • ​Schools may offer summer learning in buildings or through their continuous learning models
  • Learning opportunities may include summer school or school activity camps
  • If any activity takes place in a school building, there are safety requirements that must be followed
  • This only applies for the month of June

Points of Clarification:

  • This guidance does not change the Return-to-Learn plans being prepared for July 1 deadline
  • ​All public health recommendations and safety measures will apply, such as temperature taking on-site
  • This is voluntary. No schools are required to open.

Use of Facilities


  • Seven principles apply when determining whether the use of school facilities is permitted
  • ​Collectively, all of the Governor’s disaster proclamations must be considered
  • In general:
    • School facilities may only open for school-sponsored activities as permitted by the Governor’s proclamations
    • ​School facilities used for community benefit or enterprise may open if consistent with the Governor’s proclamations

Points of Clarification:

  • Weight rooms may not open unless they are community run and supervised
  • ​Open gym is not permitted
  • Districts may have staff in buildings to work, but they must comply with all requirements for social distancing and safety measures. A designated person must be responsible for maintaining compliance.

What This Means for CRCSD

A district team is working diligently on a plan to fully support the reopening guidelines outlined above. The following team members will work in accordance with the Iowa Department of Education guidelines, IHSAA, IGHSAU, and Governor Kim Reynolds’ proclamations on a summer sports plan:

  • All athletic directors
  • ​All baseball and softball coaches
  • District nurse
  • District administration

The plan outlining baseball and softball practices, games, and transportation will be developed and communicated by May 28, 2020. 

A summer learning and district facilities usage plan will be developed and communicated by June 1, 2020.

Colleen Scholer
Director of Communications

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